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Our goal at Miller Development is to help employees hone their skills and to provide nothing but the best service. We take pride on our employees' eagerness for knowledge and growth.

About Us:

Your Career in Code!

About Miller Development

Miller Development is a Swedish Software Development and Business Solutions company that offers fully functioning and independent development teams to companies that need to expand their development capacity.

Founded in 2016 in the City of Gentle People of Dumaguete City, our full-time developers are in the Philippines and have daily direct contact with our Swedish clients. Our ever-growing team of highly competent and self-propelled developers continuously deliver optimum software systems and solutions to address our clients’ needs, hallmarking their broad and complete competencies in system development, as well as their unending display of accountability, passion, and innovation.

We provide excellent software developing services to clients all around the world and we strongly believe that real innovations are achieved by applying high tech solutions to actual business endeavors. We have established a culture that develops our team members to become tech industry thought leaders who produce leading edge technology and provide exceptional service to our clients.

Miller Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a preferred solution provider of cutting-edge software developing services within different business or corporate sectors globally. We strive to work with our valued partners and clients to deliver innovative solutions that provide real business value. Our team members continue to demonstrate accountability, passion and innovation which are the core values that sets Miller Development apart


Our Mission

At Miller Development, we are in search of people with the right attitude, propensity to learn, and desire to grow and improve. The programming language you know is not important, but your passion and dedication for the art of coding and delivering the best code, do. With our laid-back culture and flat organization approach, that presents a healthy outlet for challenging ideas and brainstorming, thereby fostering our developers to work in an environment that encourages a fair balance between work and play.

Welcome Message:

The Workplace:

Our Culture

Flat Organization

Here at Miller Development, employees are treated equally by encouraging them to address one another in a term that does not promote power and authority (e.g. "sir/ma'am") even if the intention is out of respect.

Why is this practiced and encouraged? For employees to break away from the Filipino mentality and habit of being timid or reserved in expressing one's thoughts to others, may it be to a supervisor/s or colleague/s, with the aim of promoting a healthy working environment wherein employees can work together and communicate harmoniously, without the superior-inferior complexities.

Result Oriented

Miller Development knows that employees are the backbone of the company. Many companies often focus too much on the processes and micromanagement which might lead to the impairment of employee morale and employee's quality of work. However, with Miller Development's result-oriented approach, common issues like strict timekeeping and adherence to structured procedures can be avoided since it is the employee's performance or output that matters.


Easier to Succeed

We take pride on our employees' eagerness for knowledge and growth, and it is our mission to continue to foster this attitude to incoming employees for the years to come. In line with this, it has been the company's hiring philosophy to hire developers who are passionate about coding with strong work ethics and the right learning attitude.


Sweet Perks:


“ I'm enjoying the experience so far! The work environment is warm and friendly because of my colleagues. I don't think I'll ever have trouble with reaching out for help in anything. Working feels less weighty knowing your teammates and company in general are looking out for your wellbeing. ”

Trisha Dominyk Alvarez, Software Developer

“ During my first day of work, I discovered things that I didn't expect that I can do. It opened a new door for me and allowing me to learn new skills. I am so excited to unleash my full potential and contribute to the company's success. ”

Mitch Samonte, Human Resource Assistant

We believe that the budding developers studying in local universities have an equal chance to present themselves in the global market. What better way to do this than to work with a company that provides services for different clients across Europe.


Come Visit Us

Feel free to walk in and meet us!


The Sugar Capital of the Philippines

GF - 9 Roli's Arcade La Salle Avenue


The City of Gentle People

2nd Floor, Eros Building, Corner Dr. V. Locsin & Cervantes Street